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Lucas Crombie

$1,049 of AUD $1,000 target.

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Up and "running". City 2 Surf walk - Lucas Crombie


This year, I will be walking the City 2 Surf. I know it's only walking, but I have faced some physical adversities in the last couple of years so it may not be as easy as it sounds! I have been fortunate enough to have some pretty amazing support and help in managing it all along the way. In doing so (and a major motivation behind it) I'd like to try and extend my support and raise money towards children and the adversities and challenges they can face in life. More specifically, towards an awesome charity who are doing their utmost towards just that!! - 4 ASD kids. I will update my page with progress and pics etc asap, for now, I'd really just appreciate any support possible!! Lets get this ball rolling!! . To show my commitment to both this great charity and of course the iconic event itself, I will be doing the following things over the next month. 


Displaying my brilliant technomological skills (good chance to get a laugh at my expense) by adding photos and tracking of my weekly training. Yes, there is a good chance I'll be 1 of "those' people that jam your feeds with"my journey" etc over the next few weeks. 


Most are aware I'm an avid and often vocal(annoying) Blues supporter, so if you legends step up and help me beat the $1000 target, be it by 50c or more, I'll actually wear Maroons colours while participating in the event, if I don't hit the target, I'll be wearing the mighty Blue and most likely bombard your social media with related posts for months after the event!


As a result of those little extra steps taken before & after work and through the weekends, I'll be donating from the "occasional after work/ weekend" beer funds, drop the smashed avo, as well as testing out a bit of a busted old rig's limitations.


Finally (and to be discussed with the highest contributor on completion of the event and my recovery) I'll agree to a suggested task set by said highest contributor and one final time, show proof of this being completed on social media. *DISCLAIMER* This will be set by boundaries and compromise in accordance with the spirit of this event and charity!! 




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        4 ASD Kids Charitable Trust

        In 2009 we went public about our son Max’s battle with autism. It’s something that we considered very deeply but felt by telling our story we may be able to assist families with similar challenges. After the initial publicity we were so overwhelmed by the messages of support and assistance that we formed our charity, 4 ASD Kids. Our dream is to be able to change the lives of families with children battling with an Autism Spectrum Disorder by assisting them to access the early intervention treatment that we believe is critical to giving these kids the best chance at leading a normal life and reaching their full potential.

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        Lucas Crombie

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