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Don Rogers

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4asdkids giving autistic kids the best start to life thru support & education


‘Challenge Roth’ - held in Bavaria Germany on July 7th is the Super Bowl of Long Distance Triathlon. The most prestigious event of its kind globally, attracting the best of the best and where the current world records are set.  


It’s a gruelling 3.8km swim - 180km ride & 42km run and one of the most physically demanding challenges in the world, it’s no joke, and takes intensive planning commitment and training to even consider..  


Normally Roth would be a 12 month preparation for ‘experienced’ professional athletes. We’ve had 4 months to prepare with zero experience at endurance sports of any kind whatsoever.


The purpose of us ‘Maxing Out’ is to raise funds and awareness for my brother Mat Rogers’ (Rugby League/Union International) & his wife Chloe Maxwell’s (model, author & media personality) charity 4asdkids.


4asdkids provides autistic children with early intervention schooling helping each child with special needs education to develop life skills to give them the best start & journey through life. This type of support can cost up to $50,000 per year. It’s a win/win because not only does it positively impact the child’s own development but has a ripple effect that the entire family & community benefits from. It’s a fantastic & much needed cause.  


4asdkids was established in 2008 after Mat and Chloe’s son ‘Max’ was diagnosed as Autistic, in that time they’ve raised in excess of 2 million dollars and helped lots of children and their families...


If you would like to play a part in bringing long lasting change to a young person, their family and community, then click the link. Every cent we raise goes directly to support the great work that 4asdkids does. Please like n share & help us spread the word! 


This is ‘The Maxing Out Challenge’ - This is ‘Roth’ #weaintplayin 

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AUD $39,238 of AUD $50,000 target

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    4 ASD Kids Charitable Trust

    In 2009 we went public about our son Max’s battle with autism. It’s something that we considered very deeply but felt by telling our story we may be able to assist families with similar challenges. After the initial publicity we were so overwhelmed by the messages of support and assistance that we formed our charity, 4 ASD Kids. Our dream is to be able to change the lives of families with children battling with an Autism Spectrum Disorder by assisting them to access the early intervention treatment that we believe is critical to giving these kids the best chance at leading a normal life and reaching their full potential.

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